Episode 2

Episode 2: RCMP Supt. Stacey Talbot (Ret.) and Sgt. Phil Graham (Ret.)

Published on: 10th February, 2022

Supt. Talbot is the founder and President of Ned's Wish, a charitable organization committed to supporting retired police service dogs through the provision of financial assistance, education, and connections in the broader community of families living with retired police dogs.

Ned was an RCMP police service dog, born May, 2003 at the Police Service Dog Training Centre (PDSTC) in Innisfail, Alberta.

Ned retired from the RCMP in December of 2010 after a very full career and a collection of injuries to prove it.

In Ned's third month of service he and his handler were called to a violent domestic dispute in Courtenay, B.C. where the suspect had attacked and injured the first two responding RCMP members. The suspect fled over the steep banks of a nearby river. Ned tracked the suspect down the banks and through heavy brush to an area on the banks of the fast-moving river. The suspect then dove into the rapids to avoid apprehension. Without hesitation Ned and his handler dove into the river and pursued the suspect to the opposite bank. Unfortunately Ned was sucked into the rapids and nearly drowned before being pulled free by his handler. The suspect was apprehended shortly thereafter.

Years later Ned survived a severe car crash while on route to an Emergency Response Team call in Nanaimo, B.C. A male suspect was threatening to blow up a building at the ferry docks, and while on route to the call a vehicle that had run a red light struck at high speed the police SUV that Ned was travelling in. The suburban sustained severe damage. Nevertheless, Ned was still able to attend the call and assisted with the apprehension of the suspect.

In his retirement, after a rocky start with a different family, Ned came to live with Supt. Talbot. As she explains, after a career like this, PSD Ned had significant veterinary needs in his retirement. This was the starting the point for Ned's Wish.

You can learn more about Ned's Wish here .

Sgt. Graham was a PSD handler in the RCMP for a decade before working as as a full time PSD trainer and instructor at PDSTC. Sgt. Graham explains the powerful skillset police service dogs possess and how they are used by the RCMP to apprehend suspects, locate missing persons, and build relationships with the community.

Sgt. Graham now provides canine detection services for the private sector. You can learn more about him and his business here .

Ned's Wish also recommends that listeners interested in supporting its charitable work consider buying a bag of coffee from Support Retired Legends, which you can learn about here .

Under Reserve thanks Supt. Talbot and Sgt. Graham for their time, and their service.

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