Episode 13

Episode 12: Inspector Tim "Gunny" Turner (Ret.)

Published on: 28th September, 2022

Tim “Gunny” Turner joined the Canadian Armed Forces in 1982 and by 1986 was a member of 2 Commando/Canadian Airborne Regiment. His time in the CAF included three years in the Patrol Pathfinder platoon, qualifying as a master sniper, time with the Sky Hawks parachute team, and tours in Cyprus, Croatia, Afghanistan, the Middle East and Sierra Leone.

Gunny retired from the regular force in 2008 at the rank of Master Warrant Officer, followed by a stint in the reserves.

Gunny pursued a second career with the Alberta Sheriffs, spending over eight years with the Executive Protection Unit (EPU) holding the ranks of 1st Regimental Sgt Major and Inspector. During his time with the Sheriffs Gunny worked for Premiers Redford, Hancock, Prentice, Notley and Kenney as well as Lt. Govs Norman Kwong, Col Don Ethell and Lois E. Mitchell.

 My conversation with Gunny offers listeners a peek inside the capabilities and operations of Alberta Sheriffs, and in particular its Executive Protection Unit.

 Under Reserve thanks Gunny for his time, and his service.

Show Notes:

  • 2:15 – Gunny meets the Prince of Wales (Now King Charles III)
  • 6:35 – Wanted to be a paratrooper since age 12
  • 8:05 – Composition of the Canadian Airborne Regiment
  • 9:50 – Focus of Canadian Airborne Regiment
  • 12:20 Canadian Airborne Regiment sea and land capabilities
  • 16:15- Disbanding of Airborne Regiment laid groundwork for modern era Canadian Special Operations
  • 17:55 – Sniper qualification and the Princess Patricia’s snipers
  • 23:40 – Close call in Afghanistan (’06)
  • 26:39 – Transition from regular force to reserves (’08)
  • 30:57 – Knowing it was time to get out
  • 33:00 – Looking at the Alberta Sheriffs
  • 35:00 – Alberta Sheriffs course
  • 38:54 – Day in the life of a sheriff in the Executive Protection Unit (EPU)
  • 41:10 – Favourite premier to work for
  • 43:55 – What goes on behind the scenes?
  • 47:25 – When bodyguards have to go hands-on
  • 50:00 – Role of the Advance Team
  • 52:45 – Local law enforcement love to help
  • 58:20- If you could do it over again
  • 1:01 – Reflections on CAF in Afghanistan
  • 1:05- Life post Sheriffs (2020)
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